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About the authors | About the grapefruit

About the authors:

Five women have joined together under the pen name, Grace Lane, to write about their personal experiences in hopes to inspire and uplift others.  The following character sketches will give you a little insight about each author.


Writing about motherhood and her husband’s health struggles, Rebekah lives true to the meaning of her name—to bind. Life’s experiences have shaped her into a wise, steadfast daughter of God who has the beautiful ability to make others laugh through her clever wit.


Jeni’s stories revolve around the loving care of her son with special needs. Knowing that he will not live out his childhood, she’s armed with strength and determination to give him the best life possible. The bright hope Jeni finds through the Savior will encourage the lowest of hearts.


Elizabeth is passionate about sharing the Light of Christ. You’ll feel this in reading about the challenges she faces with her spouse’s addiction and divorce. Through sophistication, uplifting words, and a touch of spunk, she’s a modern-day disciple “gathering in the fold” and feeding His sheep.


A woman of intuition, Faith has a distinctive gift for understanding people. Her personal goal in life is to help women recognize their potential in whatever role they fill. She writes about her battle in overcoming abuse as a child and her fight with low self-esteem.


A single mom for ten years, Dawn not only believes the motto “Light trumps darkness”, but she lives it every day. Her short stories are about finding God after a heart-crushing divorce. Dawn touches many lives through her unwavering testimony and simple ways.

About the grapefruit


When searching for a symbol to represent this project we found our senses delightfully led us to the juicy, yellow grapefruit. Well known for its revitalizing scent and healing capabilities, something else stood out while reading the history of this capsule of goodness: instead of growing singly, the fruits grow very close together in grape-like clusters on trees. To us this simple fact clearly represents how, as women, we work better and can accomplish more together.  In order to facilitate healing, change and growth—we can’t do it alone—we need God and we need “clusters” of each other!

Like the fruit, acknowleding God in our lives revitalizes and heals us. If you notice, there are not one, but five authors in this book. It is unlikely that we have touched on every situation that women face, but it is likely that you’ll experience every emotion in Upheld. Our circumstances may be different but we are all creations of the same maker—we are women of God.